Don't worry, it's okay if you come inside. I think. How could you tell this house wasn't mine?

Ohhh, it says "Vader" on the mailbox. Okay, you're right. This is the boys' house. I swear I'm not trying to mooch off them. No, I didn't bring the Cheetos. I didn't need to. They own a marina with snacks for sale. They have Cheeto wealth.

It's just that they throw a party every week anyway, and I figured they wouldn't mind if I invited a few friends and made it my party too. I've earned it, right? I've lived next door to them and put up with them forever. And if I threw my own party, I wasn't sure they'd come. Well, Adam would, but I don't know about Sean and Cameron. Do you want to meet them?

Yes, let's go

No, they sound like butts