Then walk around to the backyard with me and let's see who we can find. You know it's a crowded party when people have spilled outside into the clouds of gnats. See, if I'd held it at my house there would have been just you, me, my dad, and my ex-nanny Frances. MAYBE my friend Tammy and my brother would have graced us with their presence for a few minutes before sidling back over to the real par-TAY. Also Frances would have made hors d'oeuvres from tofu. I am not kidding.

Look, there's Sean down on the dock. Or Adam. I can't tell at this distance. *sudden stop* Ouch, you ran into me! This is exactly what I wanted to talk to you about. Don't embarrass me, okay? *skeptical glance* Have you ever seen the TV show What Not to Wear? Maybe you should check it out. I'm just sayin'.

Accuse Lori of liking Adam

Accuse Lori of liking Sean